Your Dog Threw Up Food Undigested?

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If you are one of many people whose dog is like any other family member, there might be a time when you are wondering, and worrying, why your dog threw up food undigested. 

There can be multiple reasons for that, but the most common ones are:

  • eating too much or too fast
  • being anxious
  • an upset digestive tract
  • not tolerating well the food you give them
your dog threw up food undigested

If your dog throws up food frequently, first of all you should consult your vet to rule out serious pathology.

One of the most common reasons however is a type of chronic inflammation of the dog’s gastrointestinal tract because of food allergies or food intolerances. 

Just as in humans, the quality of the food is extremely important. Highly processed foods, made from low-quality ingredients, with excessive amounts of sugar and salt, are thought to be one of the main contributors to the development of many modern day diseases in humans.

Well, it’s no different in dogs, or any other pet for that matter. Low-quality commercial dog food has been shown to cause frequent health issues. Check out this article for more detailed information.


avoid digestive issues in your dog


feeding schedule dog
  • Keep up to date with vet check ups and parasite prevention.
  • Invest in high-quality, all-natural dog food. It will save you lots of sorrow and vet bills!
  • Add natural supplements to improve digestion or reduce anxiety if necessary.
  • Stick to a regular feeding schedule.
  • Avoid excessive physical activity shortly after feeding.

All-natural dog food

all-natural dog food with high-quality ingredients
  • Is healthier and more nutritious because of the nutrient-rich ingredients.
  • Top brands use human-grade ingredients.
  • No harmful byproducts, chemical additives and fillers that can cause illness.  
  • Comes in a wide range of varieties because just like us, our furry friends can be picky.

Enjoy a healthy dog

a healthy dog with good digestion, shiny coat, healthy joints
  • The right all-natural dog food will support a healthy gut microbiome.
  • It will improve the digestive function for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • It will give your dog a healthy, shiny coat.
  • It will help to avoid overweight issues (yes, toxins make your dog fat!)
  • It will contribute to strong and flexible joints.


Are you ready to invest in your best friend’s quality of life to assure them good health and vitality?

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Transitioning your furry friend to a diet consisting of all-natural food can be challenging if they are used to their regular kibble and treats. Especially if your dog threw up food undigested before. Traditional commercial dog food often contains high levels of salt, sugar, and fat, which can have an addictive effect on dogs, making it difficult to change their diet. However, with perseverance and consistency, you can successfully help them switch to a healthier eating regimen that will enhance their overall health and well-being.


Making sudden changes in your dog’s diet can potentially cause them digestive issues, and bear in mind that your dog threw up food undigested before. To prevent overwhelming their digestive system, start the transition slowly and progressively. When introducing new all-natural food, mix it with their familiar and beloved old food, gradually reducing the amount of the latter until your pup is solely consuming the new food. This process typically takes around one to two weeks, depending on your pet’s sensitivity.


Once the transition is complete, it is crucial to maintain consistency by exclusively providing all-natural dog food that contains balanced and essential nutrients. Avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your dog, and closely follow the recommended feeding instructions for optimal results. Additionally, consider selecting natural treats that are free from allergens and toxins to avoid potential health issues before they arise.

By taking incremental steps towards transitioning to an all-natural diet and consistently providing essential nutrients, you will be providing your dog with the best opportunity to naturally maintain their health. The idea that your dog threw up food undigested will belong to the past.