losing inches but not losing weight

Losing inches but not losing weight?

Would you consider taking prescription drugs
if advised by a medical weight loss specialist?

The Obesity Pandemic

Over the past few decades, the number of individuals who are overweight or obese has tripled, and this trend continues to increase, even among children.

People trying to lose weight on their own, often come across various obstacles. There is such an abundance of information, often unsubstantiated claims, promising easy and fast results. 

However, losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way is a complex process involving a lot more than just food. 

losing weight is a complex process

According to the research, five essential components of a weight loss program should be:

  • Calorie Restriction
  • Diet Modification
  • Increased Physical Activity 
  • Behavioural Modification 
  • Psychological Support 

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How Does This Work?

Personal Details

Introduce personal details to design your plan

You take a detailed quiz, so the healthcare professionals can personalize your plan to tailor it to your needs.

Personalised Plan

Receive your personalised diet plan

You receive a personalized program that will get you long-lasting results in a realistic and healthy way.

Personal Assistant

The app is your personal assistant in the process

You will be assisted on daily basis by your personal coach and be able to track your progression on the app. 


Who will accompany me?

All the medical providers are licensed in the United States and have accumulated decades of clinical experience and specialized knowledge in weight loss. Working in collaboration with esteemed health leaders, the robust medical team crafts personalized weight care paths that are designed to align seamlessly with the unique biology and lifestyle of each individual. The aim is to develop effective strategies that cater to the specific needs of the person seeking weight care.

What are the key principles of the program?

The program enables individuals to attain and sustain a healthy weight by implementing lifestyle interventions. This program assists participants in establishing and upholding healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity routines. It also fosters the development of skills necessary to navigate social environments and overcome obstacles. Furthermore, the program emphasizes other crucial aspects of well-being such as sleep quality and stress management. Finally genetic predisposition is taken into account and addressed at cellular level.

Is the program really backed by science?

Extensive research spanning multiple decades has revealed that weight loss involves a complexity that extends beyond the simple notion of “eat less, move more.” Various biological, psychological, and environmental factors significantly influence the process. The approach is backed by numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles that not only shed light on the effectiveness of the methods but also offer valuable insights to users, practitioners, scientists, and the general public. These articles provide detailed information on the functioning of the methods and contribute to the broader scientific understanding through observational data.